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What is a coach and how much does it cost to start (the quick synopsis)?

Signing up as a coach is free when you purchase a challenge pack (which is a fitness program of your choice bundled with 30 days of Shakeology, 100% natural, nutritional shake that will serve as a meal replacement and help you achieve incredible results by reducing your cravings, helping you lose weight and giving you energy). Packages start as low as $140. You are buying just what you would be using, no inventory or start up kits. As a coach you get a website that will be live within hours of signing up. Very simply a coach is someone who has committed to a healthier lifestyle and some fitness goals of their own. They choose to use Beachbody products to achieve these goals (they are top fitness programs on the market and all come with money back guarantee). Coaches share about their journey (either through social media, friends and families, co-workers, etc.) and encourage others to join them on their journey. Once they do, you cheer them on and encourage them to keep going by holding them accountable. That’s it! You earn 25-30% commission that is paid direct deposit every Thursday. There’s no sales quota and you never have to handle inventory or throw parties. The programs and products sell themselves because they work, there are a ton of testimonies out there to support it, and because they come with a money back guarantee. You basically get to get fit and earn money while you do it!

I started in July of 2013. I first found out about the coaching opportunity when I was looking for part time work in a local Mommy forum. The woman who is now my coach had posted an add looking for coaches to join her team. I already believed in the Beachbody products because I had lost 20 pounds with Insanity. I wanted to buy another program and was curious about Shakeology, but financially we were not in a good spot. My husband was just starting a business, we had 3 kids, my daughter was 7 months old and I did not want to leave the house to work and put her in daycare. We were on Food Stamps, WIC and Medicaid. Every month we were barely getting by. Investing in a “risky business” was completely out of the question. I had always thought that stay at home jobs sounded fishy, too good to be true. I did lots of research on Beachbody and the company impressed me. I loved that everything came with a money back guarantee. If a company offers that, is 5 star Better Business Bureau accredited, multi-million dollar company than they are doing something right. So I took a chance. Within 2 weeks I more than covered my expenses. Within the first month I covered Shakeology orders (30 meals) for both me and my husband. Within 6 months I was making a couple hundred dollars a week. Within 10 months I was making $1000 a week. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. BUT…You completely and totally earn a significant income if that’s your goal. And the work never truly feels like work. It’s being an encourager. It’s giving someone hope. It’s believing in someone before they can believe in themselves. Most women do that every day anyways!

Who is Beachbody?

Who is Beachbody?

Beachbody is constantly developing innovative, new programs. Some of the latest include PiYo, 21 Day Fix, Focus T25, and 3 day Refresh.  . Beachbody programs combine challenging DVD-based or digital streaming workouts (usually in 30 minutes or less), with easy-to-follow diet guidelines, and nutritional supplements including its breakthrough health shake called Shakeology. One of the greatest things about Beachbody is that all of the products come with a money back guarantee. For example, you could drink the entire 30 day bag of Shakeology, and if not fully satisfied, would get all your money back. Here is a message from the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler


What does it mean to be a Team Beachbody Coach?

It means earning an income while you help yourself and others live healthier, more fulfilling lives. It’s not sales. It’s about starting or continuing on your own fitness journey and inspiring others to do the same. Whether you’re already a “product of the product”—someone who’s found success through using Beachbody programs and products or whether you are in need of getting started on your fitness goals, becoming a Coach will reward you in ways you never thought possible—physically, personally, and financially. When you sign up as a coach you will get your own website. People order directly from there. You never have to handle products. Beachbody ships it directly to the customer. You earn 25 to 30% commission off the order depending on what you sell. There are no sales quotas or anything like that. You can sign up just for the discount and never sell anything. You can also cancel at any time without any penalties.

Do you have to be in great shape or have a background in fitness to be coach?

Absolutely not. I started coaching when I was still at least 40 pounds overweight and I admittedly am not someone who likes to exercise. My job as a coach is not to diagnose or repair someone. My job is to be an encourager. My job is to give someone hope and the belief that if they take charge of their health, they can begin to remove the pain, ailments, depression and everything else that comes along with the lack of fitness in their lives. My job is to share the top-rated fitness and nutrition products and to inspire with my own results. That being said, you do not have to wait until you’ve had a transformation yourself to become a coach. You start from where you are…and encourage others to come along side of you! The greatest asset a coach can have is compassion. Most people just want someone to hold them accountable. To cheer them on. To believe in them, before they can believe in themselves!

Is this a sales job?

Some people are afraid that this opportunity is going to be sales, and that they will lose their friends and people will see them as pushy. Let me say that if this felt at all like sales to me I would not be doing it. I hate sales. I hate pushy. I hate when people are unhappy. We are not selling, we are sharing. We are accountability partners, mentors, evens advisers. We are people who have our own health and wellness goals. We’ve made a decision to do something about those goals. We share it, and encourage others to join us! The day it feels like sales is the day I quit!

How do you get customers? Is this job all done online?

One of the reasons that I love this business so much is that I do 99.5 % of it online. What that means is I work from my phone when I’m at the beach with my kids, or in line at the grocery store, or on the couch with my daughter watching Dora. When I started coaching last year, I began by just posting on Facebook about how my husband and I were drinking Shakeology.and doing T25. I never tried to “sell anything”, I simply shared what we were doing. And as the weeks went by, and we had great results, I share about those as well. People came out of the woodwork and asked me to help them get started in their own transformation. About 7 months into being a coach I build my Facebook business page, Fit Fun Fam. That is a way to meet and connect with others outside of your circle of friends and family. My page grew from 192 last February to over 18k… There are plenty of other ways to get customers: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube are other social media platforms commonly used. Or you can connect with people through activities you are already involved in: Mommy (or Daddy) groups, play dates, networking events, church, your kids athletic events, even just wearing a “Shakeology” t shirt to the grocery store can initiate conversation. A lot of coaches do “free fit clubs”. They will find a place like a rec hall or community center that could hold a crowd. They advertise for the free fit club each week. People come, the coach plays one of her Beachbody workout DVDs, people get to exercise for free and check it out. They love the program and decide they want to order their own!

Another way we get customers is Beachbody gives free “leads” once you become an Emerald coach (have 2 coaches under you). Last winter I had a lead, a man from Texas who I never met, order $600 worth of Shakeology 3 months in a row! I earned 30% commission on those sales without even knowing him! Personally, I enjoy social networking as I can reach the most number of people in the shortest amount of time. YOU will be the CEO of your business and can decide what works best for you.

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is probably our most important product. It is not just a “protein shake” or “diet shake.” It is a comprehensive nutritional product that can help change your weight, cholesterol levels, energy, immunity, and digestion… even your skin, hair and nails! Your body requires certain nutrients to perform optimally and when you do not fuel it with what it needs, it leads to unhealthy appetite and bad cravings. Sometimes it takes a week or so to really FEEL the difference that Shakeology makes in your body. It can take a little while for your body to regulate and absorb the nutrients. The energy that you gain from Shakeology is not like the energy that you would feel from a stimulant containing drink, such as Red Bull. It is more like a rested energy. It is a revolutionary product- 100% natural, no soy, no GMOs, no gluten and no artificial sweeteners. It is low glycemic index and contains antioxidants, digestive enzymes, probiotics, chia seeds, phytonutrients and more! 70 super foods that set it apart! No need for a vitamin or a pantry full of separate supplements!. Here’s a video that tells you more. http://youtu.be/GOac7O2fqeo

How much cheaper is Shakeology for coaches versus customers?

Shakeology is normally $129.95 for 30 days. Coaches get 25% off, which drops the price to around $97 a month. After 30 days there’s a $15.99 monthly coach fee that just covers your websites and online office. (This doesn’t start for 30 days, so you have 30 days to decide, plus it is waived if active military family or veteran). So bottom line after 30 days if you decide to stay on as coach and drinking Shakeology the cost would be around $113. That’s 30 meals and a “business” that if you choose to work it.

What are Challenge Packs?

They are our top selling packages: nutrition, fitness and support all bundled together. Each pack comes with 30 days of Shakeology, a fitness program of choice (including on demand digital library now) and the support of a Beachbody coach. As a coach, you’d earn 30% commission on the sale of a challenge pack (so $40 to $105 depending on the program). Then the following month (and every month) when that customer receives Shakeology on home direct you receive commission on that (around $33). Check out all the different options here. https://www.teambeachbody.com/checkout/-/bbcheckout/challengepack

What kind of training would you get?

When you sign up as a coach you get a getting started kit that will walk you through a 7 day quick start. You also get an online office that has a ton of training, really everything you need to know from product detail to how to hold a challenge group. As a team we also hold monthly trainings. I will work with you however you like to work..chat..email..phone calls. Whatever fits in your schedule? Personally, I dove right into this business and learned on the way down. It really and truly is not hard. It’s about getting on your own health and fitness journey, sharing about it with others, and encouraging them to join you! I am an extremely active coach so am always available to help!

How do you earn money and how much?

There is no sales quota. You do not purchase inventory. You never have to accept payment from customers or handle products. Beachbody sets up your websites for you. They ship the items directly to the customer. You simply share your experience with the products and then direct them to your website for purchase. You will get paid every Thursday and direct deposit is an option. You earn 30% commission on the sale of a Challenge Pack (which is a fitness program bundled with 30 days of Shakeology). So that commission is anywhere from $40 to $105 depending on the program. Plus, when the customer continues to stay on Shakeology home direct, you earn 25% commission on that ($32.49). The big money comes from adding a team of coaches under you. Bottom line, like any other business, the more time you invest, the more you will get out of it. So it’s up to you. Some people sign up as a coach simple for the discount and never work the business. Some earn enough to get free Shakeology (only takes about 3 customers). Some people make a 6 or 7 figure salary. I have been coaching for 19 months and have had weeks that’ve earned close to $5000 (that was a bonus paying week). On average I have been earning around $1300 weekly.  Building a team is key to the big income. My first month as a coach my income was about $500. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but you absolutely can get rich if that is your goal. http://www.beachbodycoach.com/uploads/fckeditor/mdbody/File/downloads/statement_of_independent_coach_earnings.pdf

Besides just an income, what are the other perks to being a coach?

You get 25% of all Beachbody products including Shakeology. (Shakeology is normally $129.95 a month, but $97 for coaches). You also earn points for every sale you have towards all-inclusive Success Club trips. Now, when I started I thought earning a free trip sounded as unattainable and getting myself a pink Cadillac with Mary Kay. But believe it or not, in only 6 months last year I earned a free, all inclusive cruise for my husband and I to the Caribbean. We were unable to go, but are definitely going this year. In June of this year I had already earned the free trip for next year for myself and my husband. It is five days and four heavenly nights at one of the nicest resorts in Cancun. We will also get to workout with  celebrity trainers (not that we are the type to exercise on vacation…but live workout with Shaun T, I’m in).  You can check that out here: http://www.cancun2015.com/

How much time do I need to put into this?

This business can be as big or as small as you make it. Maybe you just want to sign up to get a discount on products (I have over 50 “discount coaches” that do just that). Maybe you want to sell just enough so that your monthly Shakeology is free (it only takes 3 customers). Or maybe you have big plans for yourself..for your family, like I do. I never thought that I would be help to help support our family all while staying home with my kids. We now are able to dream a lot bigger then we could a year ago and I am so grateful for that. Whether you are a student, a stay at home Mom or work full time out of the home, you can do this job.

What does it cost to sign up as a coach?

You can sign up as a coach one of two ways. (1) Pay a $39.95 sign-up fee (waived if active military/family or a veteran). Then after 30 days there is a $15.99 monthly fee that covers all your websites, online office with training, ecards, everything you need. That’s it. (2) Purchase a challenge pack and the sign-up fee is waived. A challenge pack is a fitness program of your choice bundled with 30 days of Shakeology. This is always what I recommend. It is nearly impossible to be a successful coach if you are not using the Beachbody programs and/or Shakeology yourself. The challenge packs start at $140. After 30 days, you will have the $15.99 coach business fee. If you decide to continue drinking Shakeology it will drop to only $97 a month down from $129.95.

Why is signing up with a Challenge Pack the best choice?

Signing up as a coach is free when you purchase a challenge pack. A challenge pack is a fitness program bundled with 30 days of Shakeology. There is a fitness program for everyone. If you’re just getting started…or are looking to buff up even more. The challenge packs start as low as $140. You don’t have to purchase inventory or a start-up kit, you just purchase what you would need for your own fitness journey. Every person that comes to this opportunity usually has fitness goals of their own. Whether it’s to lose 100 pounds or gain muscle. Maybe even just to clean up your eating or get off some medication. So you pick a fitness program and a flavor Shakeology and register as a coach. Your websites will be live within a few hours. You can get started right away. I can help you even get your program costs covered within a few weeks. It’s not hard to do. It’s as easy as posting a photo of the program you are about to start and asking who would like to do it with you. Almost everyone wants to lose weight or get healthier! After 30 days you will pay $15.99 a month for your websites. (this is waived if you are military, military family or a veteran). But even if you pay the $15.99 fee you will save $32.49 a month on Shakeology so being a coach is definitely cheaper than being a customer! The other option to sign up is to pay $39.95 fee. I never recommend this because to be a successful coach you really have to use and love the programs/products. If you already are a Beachbody customer and have purchased a Challenge Pack in the past, then you can still sign up for free.


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